Characters have three resiliencies: Grit, Reflex, and Will. These are pools of points which help you avoid and absorb (depending on the effect) danger and damage. When you would take damage and don’t have enough of an applicable resiliency to assign it all to, you take a wound.

Armor and Defense can also protect you from certain dangers, and are provided by items, traits, and abilities. Unless something says you have armor or defense, they are considered to be 0. Your total armor rating subtracts itself from any applicable incoming damage, while your Defense adds to the required roll to hit you with an attack.

Wounds are mostly defined by two characteristics: extent and intensity. The extent of a wound is how large an area of the body it covers, and is determined by the size difference between the victim and the damaging effect. The intensity of a wound is how life-threating it is and is determined by the effect’s number of stress dice.







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