Wizard Competencies

Your character starts with the following competencies:
Curiosity: Arcana
Trade: Calligraphy
Languages: Choose Abyssal, Celestial, Draconic, Farlang, Infernal, Old Primeval, or Sylvan.

Wizard Traits

Your character starts with the following traits:
Resilience. Your Will increases by 2.
Arcanascopy. You can see in the arcane spectrum.
Book Bond. You can form a bond with a book by reading its entire contents (or in the case of an empty one, looking over each page for at least six seconds). Books you bond with in this way can be summoned into your hand as a bonus action. You can only bond with one book at a time.
Spellbook. You start with a 250-page spellbook which contains all your starting wizard abilities, written by you in a magical language that you understand of your choice, and you can record arcane abilities to it (see Chapter Eight for rules on recording spells). You can use any arcane ability that you’ve recorded in your spellbook.

Wizard Abilities

Your character starts with the following abilities, as well as one arcane ability of your choice from any class:
As a reaction, you more closely analyze an arcane effect you perceive with your arcanascopy. You learn the Power and science of the effect.
 If the effect is either one you already know, or is a slight variation of the same Power, you automatically identify the exact effect. You may also attempt an arcana check vs. 6+Power to determine the exact effect.


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