Vos Inaril

Population. ~21,516,000 citizens, ~40-50 thousand business travelers
Demographics. 23% elves, 20% undead, 18% cambion, 18% goblins, 7% uxen, 5% dwarves, 4% homunculi, 3% imps, 1% dragons, 1% other
Government. Parliamentary kraterocratic bureaucracy
Primary Language. Primeval
Primary imports. Assassination, precious gems and metals, slaves
Primary exports. Alchemicals, assassination, mushrooms, poison, silk, slaves
Primary industries. Alchemy, academia, bureaucracy, crime, espionage, gladiatorial combat, wagering
Atmosphere. Gloomy, wet, grand, paranoid, uneasy

Vos Inaril is the nexus of dragon power and influence in the multiverse and its prime location backs up draconic ambition. In the border plane of the Jarchari Turbulence which touches the Dark Mirror, Faerie, Primeval Terra, Primeval Aqua, and the Styx, it wields significant power.
 At least, this was the case up until the Paroxysm which changed and continues to change culture, economics, politics, and the balance of power across the planes. Even the greatest minds are still figuring out how it all sits and what’s on the horizon. What was a massive advantage before, Vos Inaril’s position in the Turbulence is now a liability that not only threatens its political and economic power but its existence.
 Woven with inky canals and rivers which surface from and delve into the surrounding rock, Vos Inaril covers both the ceiling and floor of a massive cavern. Its waterways are filled with an ink-black brackish, staining, muddy, milk-like water which rains up from the floor and down from the ceiling.

Things to Do



Vos Inaril is one of only three (Nar Qashi and The Nameless Rings being the other two) cities in the dodekapolis that is not under the direct sovereignty of an Archentity, though many suspect a variety of arches having some influence. It is home to nearly a hundred thousand noble houses who vie for power but its government has long since moved away from a fully royal system. It’s a baffling web of offices, councils, working groups, and task forces that keep all the wheels turning. An open parliamentary court of representatives, mostly (but not all) nobility, debates and decides on matters large and small for all to see. It’s an open secret that all of this is carefully puppeted by dragons, who have the real power here, via the ancient “game” Ongxanithe.

Crime and Punishment

Locations of Note

Material Respects. A smallish (600 sq feet, 2 story plus cellar) bookstore focusing on heraldry and lineage texts. The Vos Inaril sect of the Resplendent Cocentricities of Agamemnon, an sphinx SIG, meets in the conference room below its cellar.
Ninety-Three by Two. A large boarding house situated a few blocks from one of the universities in an old but hip neighborhood. Home mostly to students.
Nomeskar. A small puzzle/prop/curio shop run by Kotri, a young dwarf woman from Dakaszefon.
Third in the Kinks. More commonly referred to as The Jarchari Open Market, this massive and crowded trading hub is situated above the third main bend within city limits of the Jarchari, Vos Inaril’s largest river and the namesake of the realm. The Third is home to many guild rep booths, makeshift embassies, and meeting places.

Vos Inaril

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