Population: ~24,256,800 citizens, 1-2 million tourists
Government: Anarchic confederate particracy
Languages: Sylvan (official), Elvish
Imports: Mithril
Exports: Coins, ironwood, wine
Industries: Arts, entertainment, healing, illusion, minting, revolution, winemaking

Environment: Highly varied. Perpetual sunset/sunrise, balmy beaches, cool shaded forest, misty foothills, and snowy mountaintop
Vibe: Colorful, enchanting, picturesque, pleasant, uncanny

Voilauiringocyfnos (frequently referred to as the VAC), stunning jewel and capital of Faerie, is three de jure city-states in one. Each of the three governments is recognized as the sole legitimate authority of most of the city. Little enclave-neighborhoods of uncontested territory exist, but they’re by no means permanent. Revolutions are common. It doesn’t seem like it should work, but somehow it does.
 On the surface a hedonistic party town, go a layer deeper and you find a political shit show of chaotic government failure on a grand scale, another layer deeper and it’s a horror show of twisted fey sadism, yet another layer and it’s bacchanalia again… who knows what the full picture is? Most visitors are tourists just here to party, and the vast majority of them make it home safe and sound with a lifetime’s worth of crazy half-remembered stories.
 The city is massive, sprawling in all directions and covering over two hundred thousand square kilometers of the island it inhabits. However, a crescent of the outer four fifths is referred to as The Verge and is lawless (moreso than in the city center), wild, and any many places, in ruins. Beyond the city limits, Faerie can be experienced in its true form. In the city, many of Faerie’s more troublesome or intense features are muted, namely the tricky passage of time.




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