The Nameless Rings

Population. ~14,025,000 citizens, ~100-200 thousand tourists
Demographics. 72% xothite, 15% homunculi, 7% maw, 4% human, 1% shoggoth, 1% other (mostly aberrations and oozes)
Government. Corporate oligarchy
Primary Language. Farlang
Primary imports. Precious metals, gems, slaves
Primary exports. Heavy metals, exotic elements, jammers, homunculi
Primary industries. Scientific research, corporate espionage, exploration, rift helm construction
Atmosphere. Dark, humid, neon, Gigeresque, slick

Things to Do



Crime and Punishment

Locations of Note

Haven. A relatively quaint trading outpost on an old Ice XI mine. Home to around eight hundred people, mostly human.
  The Ivy Hearth. The largest tavern in Haven, named as a failed joke; Ivy being a reference to IV, as in Ice IV which the original owner thought the mine was for.

The Nameless Rings

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