Wrights who bring out hidden supernatural potential in their crafts.

Rubrickist Competencies
Trade: Perception and two craft skills of your choice

Rubrickist Traits
Resilience: Your Will increases by 1.
The Riddle of Craft. Choose a craft skill you are competent with. Each time you begin a project to craft an item with that tool, make a perception (Trade) check. If you don’t fail any of your crafting checks during the process, you may choose the following effects for it to have if you met the necessary challenge on your perception check:

  • 10+ Cleans and repairs minor damage every hour.
  • 15+ Grants one reroll a day for checks made using the item.
  • 20+ Every hour, the first creature to use the item gets a d4 that they can add to a check made in the next minute.
  • 25+ As long as you are on the same plane as the item, you always know what direction it is in.
  • 35+ The object has all the normal senses of a creature, and can telepathically answer questions from you (and only you) about what it’s seen and heard. The quality of its memory is better the harder of a material it is made out of.
     These are just general guidelines. If you have an idea for an alternate effect, ask your referee if it’s in line with this ability and what an appropriate challenge would be for it. In general, aside from the exceptions listed above, effects should be in line with the item’s mundane function.

Rubrickist Abilities
As an action, you thump an object and one minor damage, soiling, or wear is undone, as long as what’s being undone is no greater than 1 foot in any dimension.

As an action, you commune telepathically with an object you can see within 5 feet of you to determine the nature of any dweomers present. You learn the Power, science, and sphere of the effect.
 If the effect is either one you already know, or is a slight variation of the same Power, you identify the exact effect.
You may also attempt a craft check appropriate to the object vs. 6+Power to determine the exact effect.

Rubrickist Advancements


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