At the end of every session, experience points (XP) are assigned by the referee to each character based on the events of the session. On average this should be around 60 XP a session. Players can spend XP between sessions to buy advancements which augment their characters’ abilities. Characters can buy advancements available to their species, archetype, background, and class. Backgrounds and classes can also be bought as advancements with XP, but they are double the normal cost if they’re not from the character’s archetype. Species classes are not available to characters not of that species.
 Advancements can only be purchased between sessions, and only if the character pursued their driving ambition the previous session.

How challenging was the session?

Easy: 0 xp
Challenging: 20 xp
Harrowing: 25 xp
Impossible: 30 xp

Add xp for each of the following:

Achieving a fleeting ambition: +20 xp
Achieving a grand ambition: +180 xp
Carousing (per 3 copper spent): +1 xp
Fully exploring a city neighborhood: +20 xp
Fully exploring 25 square miles of wilderness: +20 xp
Meeting a particular high-Eminence NPC for the first time:
D100 (an arch): +120 xp
D20 (a god): +80 xp
D12 (a major celebrity): +40 xp
Obtaining an artifact: +40 xp
Traveling in uncharted territory: +30 xp


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