Pixie Features

All pixies start with the following features:

Pixie Competencies
Trickery: Choose two from acrobatics, deception, sleight of hand, stealth, perception, and persuasion.
Trade: Choose three musical instruments, one game, and one craft.
Languages: Trade and Sylvan.

Pixie Traits
Aging. Pixies mature by 25 and do not age past ‘mature’.
Resilience. Your Reflex increases by 2.
Size. Your size is Diminutive.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 5 feet, and you have a flying speed of 40 feet.
Natural Invisibility. Unless you use an action to suppress it, you are invisible.
Pacifistic. Any stress you deal to another creature is also taken by you as Will stress.
Petty Glamour. As an action, you sing, whistle, or play a melody on a musical instrument to produce an intangible illusion no larger than one cubic foot that appears within 50 feet of you.

Pixie Advancements

The following traits are added to the list of advancements you may purchase with experience points.


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