Interconnecting the multiverse by bridging brains

Mindhiver Competencies

Your character starts with the following competencies:
Trickery: Deception, perception, or persuasion
Curiosity: Psykana
Languages: Shoggoth

Mindhiver Traits

Your character starts with the following traits:
Resilience. Your Will goes up by 1.
Hivenet. The range of your natural telepathy is extended to include the range any telepathic followers you have on the same plane of existence as you.
Leadership. You gain a xothite follower. This follower has d4 Eminence, d6, d6, d4, and d4 as their aptitude array, one archetype, may not choose a class, all equipment necessary for use of their competencies, 2 silver pieces, and 0 xp. If you gain this trait through the course of play rather than starting with it, the referee should work the follower in as soon as possible (no more than two sessions should pass), and though they may be of a different species, they must have telepathy.

Mindhiver Abilities

Your character starts with the following abilities:
As an action, you can improve a creature’s disposition towards you who is within your telepathic range by one step for up to a minute. The effect immediately ends if they leave your telepathic range. The creature’s disposition changes to hostile once the effect ends.


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