Wizards who’ve engineered their brains to function as spellbooks

Logiturgist Competencies

Your character starts with the following competencies:
Curiosity: Arcana and psykana
Languages: Choose one from Abyssal, Draconic, Farlang, Infernal, Old Primeval, or Sylvan

Logiturgist Traits

Your character starts with the following traits:
Resilience. Your Will increases by 2.
Fractal Codex. Your brain contains an intangible fractal codex that structures it into an engine for arcane magic. It contains all your starting Logiturgist abilities, and you can record arcane abilities to it similar to how spellbooks work. You can use any arcane ability that you’ve recorded in your fractal codex. Whenever you are wounded by Will stress or knocked unconscious, you lose an arcane ability of the highest power of your choice from your fractal codex. Abilities lost like this can be regained with a number of extended rests equal to their power.

Logiturgist Abilities

Your character starts with the following abilities:
As a reaction, you attune one of your senses (like sight or taste) to the frequency of magic. For one round, you can perceive (at the range normal for your sense) unique sensory input from any magical effect, and can take an action to determine the sphere and science(s) of the effect.

As an action, you bring forth into the world an entity of pure logic. It appears as a barely visible cube of warped light, like shimmering heat. It is capable of speech, though it only responds to questions, and with one word answers. Its knowledge is limited to what it perceives after creation. It will closely follow you indefinitely, but will be destroyed after it accomplishes up to three tasks, or if it is targeted with a magical effect. Tasks it can undertake are:

  • Delivering a message. The daemon will follow directions to a location you describe and deliver a message to someone or somewhere you specify. It has a fly (hover) speed of 10 feet a round when it is not following you.
  • Making a raw Curiosity check on your behalf with d4+d12+d12.


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