Human Features
Human Classes
Human Advancements

Nemesis. Ruiner. Monster. The near unanimous hatred of humanity is palpable.

Two hundred years ago, no one in the dodekapolis had seen or heard of humans. But over the course of about a hundred and eighty years, these people went from hunter-gatherer primates on the prime material to a massive industrial trade force in the multiverse. Their speech has become the lingua franca for trade and commerce in the major cities of the planes.

Now, they number very few. Two years ago the planar crash killed their Astral fleet, the only survivors being a few lucky travelers. New gunpowder is now presumably incapable of being produced, as the key secret ingredient was only found on the material plane. Their short-lived empire now crumbled, and most blaming humans for the crash which devastated the multiverse and killed billions, humans find themselves in a rough place.

Human Features

As a human, you gain the following species features.

Human Competencies
Your character starts with the following competencies:
Any: Choose any one
Trickery: Deception or persuasion
Curiosity: Arcana, history, medicine, nature, psykana, or religion
Languages: Trade, a city-state language of your choice, and two common ones of your choice

Human Traits
Your character starts with the following traits:
Aging. Humans mature by 15, reach middle age by 45, old age by 65, and are venerable by 75 years old. Once venerable, they have a 1% chance of dying every month.
Resilience. Your Will increases by 2.
Size. Your size is Medium.
Speed. Your walking speed is 30 feet.
Blood of the Sorcerer Tyrants. The XP cost for arcane advancements is reduced by 20 percent.
Full Life. You start with an additional background.
Natural Linguist. Your competency in a language of your choice increases by one die step, and your training time for learning languages is halved.

Human Classes

These are added to the list of classes you can choose to begin play with (no need to pay xp to gain it). These are also added to the list of advancements you may take from experience.


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