Explorers seeking to establish a dwarven hold of their own.

Holdsteader Competencies
Violence: A simple weapon of your choice
Trickery: Perception and either deception or persuasion
Languages: Choose a common one

Holdsteader Traits
Resilience. Your Grit, Reflex, and Will increase by 1.
Leadership. You gain a dwarf follower. This follower has d4 Eminence, d6, d6, d4, and d4 as their aptitude array, one archetype, may not choose a class, all equipment necessary for use of their competencies, 2 silver pieces, and 0 xp. If you gain this trait through the course of play rather than starting with it, the referee should work the follower in as soon as possible (no more than two sessions should pass), and they must be a dwarf.

Holdsteader Advancements


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