Goldknell Competencies
Violence: Shields and either daggers, longbows, rapiers, scimitars, shortbows, or shortswords
Trade: Choose three performance skills

Goldknell Traits
Resilience. Your Grit and Will are increased by 1.
Above the Battle. Your voice and musical instruments you use can be heard loudly and clearly despite any background noise.
Inspiration. A number of times per day equal to your Charisma, as a bonus action you can grant a creature who can hear you a d6 inspiration die that last 10 minutes. A creature can only have one inspiration die at a time. Until it expires, that creature can add the d6 to one roll they make. Once they use the die, it is lost.
Leadership. You gain an elf follower. This follower has d4 Eminence, d6, d6, d4, and d4 as their aptitude array, one archetype, may not choose a class, all equipment necessary for use of their competencies, 2 silver pieces, and 0 xp. If you gain this trait through the course of play rather than starting with it, the referee should work the follower in as soon as possible (no more than two sessions should pass), and they may be of a different species.

Goldknell Abilities
As an action, you play music or sing a song targeting a creature that can here you who you know the location of and have seen before. The creature takes 1d4+Trickery psychic damage. If you wound it with this ability, it has disadvantage the next check it makes before the end of its next turn.

Goldknell Advancements


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