Goblin Features
Goblin Classes
Goblin Advancements

Goblin Features

All goblins start with the following features:

Goblin Competencies
Violence: Shields, two simple weapons of your choice, and either athletics, intimidation, or perception
Trade: Animal handling, cooking, carpentry, smithing, or survival
Languages: Trade and Goblin

Goblin Traits
Aging. Goblins mature by 7, reach middle age by 23, old age by 75, and are venerable by 120. Once venerable, they have a 50% chance of dying every decade which drops by 5% every decade after, to a minimum of 1%.
Resilience. Your Grit and Reflex are increased by 1.
Size. Your size is Tiny, and goes up by one step for every die step higher than d4 that your Eminence is.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 20 feet.
Planar Origin. Though not necessarily where you were born or grew up, different planes of existence have different kinds of goblins. Choose one of the following origins:

Camp Specialization. You have proficiency with a craft skill of your choice that you’re competent with.
Hunter’s Stride. Your walking speed increases to 30 feet.
Weapon Training. You are competent with spears and javelins.

Devious. You are competent in deception.
Just Go with It. You have disadvantage on Curiosity checks against illusions.
Simple Mischief. As an action…

From the infinite and unending clamor of Rhyfel’s battlefields…
Battlefield Adaptation. You are resistant to sonic damage.
Crucible Hardened. You are competent with shields and a martial weapon of your choice.
Languages. You are competent in your choice of Abyssal, Giant, Minotaur, or Orcish.

Goblin Classes

These are added to the list of classes you can choose to begin play with (no need to pay xp to gain it). These are also added to the list of advancements you may take from experience.


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