Cleric Competencies

Your character starts with the following competencies:
Violence: Intimidation and a simple weapon of your choice
Trickery: Deception or persuasion
Curiosity: Religion
Trade: A divination of your choice
Languages: A common language of your choice

Cleric Traits

Your character starts with the following traits:
Resilience. Your Grit, Reflex, and Will increase by 1.
Intervention. At any time (does not cost any kind of action), you may call on your deity to intervene. They will only do this once per Eminence die you are above d4. This intervention can take the form of their immediate appearance and/or teleporting you to a safe location of their choosing.
Leadership. You gain a follower. This follower has d4 Eminence, d6, d4, d4, and d4 as their aptitude array, one archetype, may not choose a class, all equipment necessary for use of their competencies, no money, and 0 xp. If you gain this trait through the course of play rather than starting with it, the referee should work the follower in as soon as possible (no more than two sessions should pass).
Patron. Choose a deity from the list below. Once every four sessions, you can reach out in prayer to your deity while fulfilling whatever contact requirements they have (given below). They will respond in 4d6 hours (rolled in secret by the referee), during which you must remain in prayer. Once they respond, they will talk to you for up to five minutes, answering a number of questions up to half your dice in their favored aptitude.
They are unlikely to have knowledge outside of their interests and generally have a hard time responding in ways that don’t seem riddlesome or tangential. The deity’s mood/demeanor, any demands they have of you, if they appear visibly or audible to others, and other minutiae is all up to the referee.
BAST   Her favored aptitude is Trickery and her interests are cats, community, hiding, protection, sister/motherhood, and vengeance.
DIONYSUS  His favored aptitude is Trickery and his interests are wine, risk, and games. His contact requirement is to carouse for both at least 20 copper and double the participants and cost than were involved last time you reached out.
HADES   He favors Eminence and his interests are wealth, death, and stability.
ISHTAR   Her favored aptitude is Violence and her interests are concubines, assassination, and weaponry.
LUGUS   Their favored aptitude is Trade and their interests are nomads, multi-directionality, and perspective.
SESHAT   Her favored ability is Curiosity and her interests are riddles, curiosity, and secrets. Her contact requirement is providing her a book in a language you haven’t provided before.

Cleric Abilities

You start with the following abilities:
You spend an hour…


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