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Season One, Episode Two

1645 Thursday, the 19th day of Waxing Rush, Year 3 EP
The party are at Patrovka, a hole in the wall bookstore in one of Gehesti‘s entertainment districts. They’ve heard that the mercenary team holding Edward’s property visited here and are hoping they can find some lead to where they’re at. Turns out they ordered some tourist guides and had them delivered to a warehouse in one of the eastern dock neighborhoods.

1700 Thursday, the 19th day of Waxing Rush, Year 3 EP
Before delivering the ring Crimson has to the maw they’re supposed to meet in the northeast catacombs, they go check out this warehouse.

1915 Thursday, the 19th day of Waxing Rush, Year 3 EP
After a long ferry ride, the party makes it to Brineforth, the far eastern dock neighborhood. They poke around the area a bit trying to find the warehouse and eventually find an alleyway entrance to the address where an N’tirian is sitting on a barrel smoking. After some back and forth they determine that this is where the Mad Pissers are working out of, and the N’tirian introduces himself as Glarm. He leads them in to chat with the rest of the team and up on the second floor they meet the others: Ghost, Crab, Rance, Bumble, and their seeming leader, Madshow. They chat a bit about the situation with Edward, and after some negotiation the Mad Pissers agree to hand over Edward’s contract and property if the party also accepts another contract that Madshow doesn’t have time for. It’s a job retrieving a family heirloom for a young dwarf named Kotri who lives in Vos Inaril. Her home, the dwarven hold Dakaszefon, fell into anarchy and disrepair to mysterious circumstances, and she’s hoping that a topaz idol of a dwarven head called “The Grasping of Agramax” can be returned to her. The pay is 1400 copper each for six people and it comes with an open ferry ticket on the Styx to Vos Inaril. The party agrees and after a quick trip to a notary for a transfer of the contracts, the deal is made. The party heads back to the Twentieth Column to inform Edward of the good news and let him know where he can grab his stuff.

0600 Friday, the 20th day of Waxing Rush, Year 3 EP
The next morning, the party gets to work tackling the delivery of the ring Crimson has.

0845 Friday, the 20th day of Waxing Rush, Year 3 EP
It’s a long trip across the city but after a couple ferries and a rooftop longcart, they find themselves at the catacombs. Heading down into the tunnels, they attempt to find the free market where this unnamed maw can supposedly be found.

0930 Friday, the 20th day of Waxing Rush, Year 3 EP
Kid Squid manages to use thiefsign to navigate the catacombs and they eventually come upon the unlit free market in Gehesti’s northeast catacombs. There they locate the maw, a particularly large one, but as they introduce themselves a group of hooded figures with knives in hand comes out of the crowd and asks for the ring. A fight ensues which is over in seconds, one of the assailants being slain and the other two surrendering. They are revealed to be skeletons (not immediately apparent with their skin gloves), and after some questioning say that they heard from a hag fixer named Nine-Teeth that a valuable magic ring would be handed off here. They let the other two skeletons go after confiscating their knives. Handing off the ring to the maw who promptly leaves, the party splits up to tackle some legwork and loose ends.
 Crimson Hammer spends the rest of the day cleaning up their old boat while chatting with Bozdyn about his plans for making a new maul, Kid Squid tracks down Nine-Teeth to make contact for future work, and Anadkya spends her day at the library researching the dwarven hold Dakaszefon that they’ll be exploring soon.

XP Awards
Anadkya Black +40 xp
Bozdyn +40 xp
Crimson Hammer +40 xp
Kid Squid +40 xp
Scratch +40 xp


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