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Season One, Episode Three

0700 Saturday, the 21st day of Waxing Rush, Year 3 EP
Scratch pays a visit to Mavo, a dwarf fixer here in Gehesti. Mavo hired Scratch not long ago for a job which went south due to some information Mavo omitted from his description, and Scratch hopes to negotiate pay for the botched job. The negotiation goes poorly, but Mavo hands over a cheap brass and tiger eye ring to get rid of him.

Sunday, the 22nd day of Waxing Rush, Year 3 EP
The party spends the day researching Dakaszefon to see if they can glean some more information on the hold before their visit, but most of the records on the hold are quite outdated.

1100 Monday, the 23rd day of Waxing Rush, Year 3 EP
The party heads out on a Styx ferry to Vos Inaril, the closest they can get to the dwarven hold by free transport (using the open tickets they have via the contract).

1530 Sunday, the 1st day of High Rush, Year 3 EP
After a six day trip on the Styx, they arrive in Vos Inaril and after grabbing waterproofed canvas parkas and some tourist guides at the docks, they head out into the mazelike tunnels of the Jarchari beyond Vos Inaril city limits in search of Dakaszefon.

2045 Tuesday, the 3rd day of High Rush, Year 3 EP
Having spent a few days mostly successfully navigating their new subterranean environs, they finally find the underground lake outside the bright orange great entrance to Dakaszefon. Rubble is scattered outside, the main doors have been completely removed, and the flicker of firelight shines from within.
 They venture carefully into main entry hall on the orange level and find a stairway on the left leading up into the red layer. They are thwarted by a locked door but find a chamber beyond with barrels of drink, signs of recent habitation, and a large (3×2 meter) tapestry depicting a a deep open mining shaft with the glorious fires of dwarven industry. Scratch takes the tapestry down, triggering a makeshift gas trap which isn’t too bad, but sends Anadkya into a teary choking fit which she recovers from shortly. They decide to roll up the tapestry and make camp outside the main entrance.

0630 Wednesday, the 4th day of High Rush, Year 3 EP
Waking up from their needed rest, they head back into the hold. Heading back up the red stairway near the entrance, the explore the chambers more fully and find two kobolds hiding in the chamber beyond the one that contained the tapestry. A brief conversation about the party’s quarry (the topaz idol) reveals that it might be held by a group of oozes and frogfolk deeper in the hold. Leaving the kobolds they also find a chamber up here that contains yet more barrels and foodstuffs, as well as a heavy locked ironwood chest. Leaving it undisturbed, they return to the entry hall on the orange layer.

0645 Wednesday, the 4th day of High Rush, Year 3 EP
Opening the door opposite the entrance to the red stairway, they find an angled hall with three doors. One has loud (even through the thick stone door) splashing on the other side, and hen its handle is turned seals click open and water starts seeping through the cracks. They turn the handle back to seal it again and check the next door, beyond which they find a dining hall. Seated at the table are a dozen folks; mostly imps, but a halfling and a medusa are also among them. Chatting with the medusa they agree to make a good faith effort at returning a bottle of rare wine that was stolen from her in exchange for information on the hold. The halfling shows them her map of the hold and gives directions both to where the oozes holding the idol are located, as well as where they think the thief might be living. Apparently, the oozes as well as a giant frog have the idol and worship it like a god. The party thanks the group for the information and drinks, and parts ways.

XP Awards
Anadkya Black +50 xp
Bozdyn +50 xp
Friendly Tourist +50 xp
Scratch +60 xp


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