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Season One, Episode Six

1945 Friday, the 6th day of High Rush, Year 3 EP
Scratch wins the game of Coals that he plays with Wayne, and gets the medusa’s bottle of wine back. Crimson Hammer and Bozdyn stay behind to watch the cambion’s game of cards with Wayne in exchange for the spellbook, which the mercs unfortunately lose. They seem prepared to overwhelm him by force but as they leap to their feet drawing bows, he reveals that he has a gun. It’s uncertain whether it’s loaded, but the threat is enough and everyone parts ways.

2100 Friday, the 6th day of High Rush, Year 3 EP
After returning the bottle to the medusa and being treated to dinner and drinks, the party camps outside the entrance to Dakaszefon to head out in the morning for Vos Inaril.

1900 Monday, the 9th day of High Rush, Year 3 EP
After a weekend of poor navigation and an encounter with an elemental trying to sell them directions back to the city, they eventually arrive in Vos Inaril. They get paid by Kotri (1400cc each), and spend the night carousing.

1100 Tuesday, the 10th day of High Rush, Year 3 EP
In the morning, the party discovers that in the drunken revelry of the night, Bozdyn was arrested for assaulting a noble and is being held at the Mirasyn estate…

XP Awards
Anadkya +73 xp
Bozdyn +375 xp
Crimson Hammer +40 xp
Friendly Tourist +440 xp
Scratch +57 xp


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