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Season One, Episode One

The party finds themselves in Gehesti just a few days after the 60th Council of the Most Grave Crash at the Twain where they among others were granted warrants of trade by the Archcouncil. Coin is slim and they need to find work soon.

1500 Thursday, the 19th day of Waxing Rush, Year 3 EP
Crimson Hammer and Scratch are hanging out at the Twentieth Column, a pub/gaming hall in Gehesti, weighing their options for work in the city. They’re approached by a human named Edward who apparently has racked up a sizable gambling debt and some Meskellian mercenaries were hired to lean on him. They’ve seized all his belongings and are holding it somewhere. He hopes that the party can settle this somehow through negotiation as they’re Meskellian mercenaries as well. He says if they can negotiate the return of his property, he’ll give them his boat. Crimson and Scratch are wary and don’t make any promises, but say they’ll look into it. They finish their drinks and head off to talk to one of Scratch’s contacts here, a bauble fixer Scratch calls “Stick”.

1600 Thursday, the 19th day of Waxing Rush, Year 3 EP
Meeting with Stick at her private booth in a club, Crimson and Scratch discover that the mercenary team who took the job call themselves the “Mad Pissers” and although she doesn’t know where they’re holed up, she says they’ve been through the neighborhood and she thinks they visited a bookstore down the street. Crimson also asks about someone he was supposed to be delivering some armor to and Stick says she’ll look into it if he runs an errand for her. She gives him a ring she wants delivered to a maw in the northeastern catacombs.

1645 Thursday, the 19th day of Waxing Rush, Year 3 EP
Crimson and Scratch make their way to the bookstore to poke around and ask about the mercenaries who came in before.

XP Awards
Crimson Hammer +30 xp
Scratch +30 xp


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