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Season One, Episode Four

0700 Wednesday, the 4th day of High Rush, Year 3 EP
The party continues to explore the halls of Dakaszefon, following the directions given to them by the medusa in their search for the topaz idol “The Grasping of Agramax”. They head down towards the blue layer where the cultists are supposed to be and run across two galkagath cultists. They chat for a bit before continuing on down towards the main worship chamber. Discovering the congregation mid-sermon, they chat with the galkagath priest Gloxl who communes with them telepathically. It informs them that it’s willing to make a trade for the idol, but can’t say so in front of their congregation. All the while ranting aloud about how blasphemous and foolish the party is, of course.

1000 Wednesday, the 4th day of High Rush, Year 3 EP
They meet with Gloxl and discuss the possibility of a trade. Eventually they come to an arrangement and the priest leads them to a secret chamber near the main entrance to the hold where the idol is traded for the fine tapestry the party stole. They also get a bit more insight into the layout of the hold from Gloxl. It describes a path to the teal layer (where the thief of the medusa’s wine is supposed to be) that doesn’t require going through the cultists’ territory.

1030 Wednesday, the 4th day of High Rush, Year 3 EP
The party heads down the trichroma hall to the green layer where the discover the source of flickering light in the green main chamber. The chamber has been picked clean, but a large hole has been dug at one end of the room and a fire rages below. They follow the rough directions Gloxl gave them and end up in the central teal layer. It seems there’s a mercenary company that’s squared away a corner of the teal for themselves. They pay the toll of ten copper to get entrance and chat with the elven door guard for a bit, discovering they have supplies and training areas down here, all available for trade.

XP Awards
Bozdyn +65 xp
Friendly Tourist +65 xp
Kid Squid +65 xp


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